Our Services

Meth Wise offer a range of testing options for the presence of methamphetamine and indicator chemicals within residential, vacation, commercial and industrial properties. We provide pre-purchase testing, pre and post tenancy testing, remediation services and post remediation testing.

One of our Meth Wise consultants will visit your property to carry out contamination testing in accordance with New Zealand Ministry of Health 2010, Guidelines for the Remediation of Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Sites. All of our consultants are highly trained with an expert eye for collecting representative samples and adhering to industry best practice procedures for sample collection. Samples are submitted to an IANZ accredited laboratory for forensic analysis.

Health and safety is of the utmost importance to us here at Meth Wise, therefore every precaution is taken to ensure testing is carried out to the highest standard safely in your home.

For urgent testing call us today to speak with one of our specialist consultants. Let Meth Wise help choose the right test for you.

Be Meth Wise “Test Before You Invest”.

Indication Test

(Basic first test)

Prices starting from

$ 169 + GST

Suitable for a standard 3 bedroom home.

For 4 or more bedrooms, Contact Us


Designed to give a Positive or Negative result

Comprehensive Test

(Provides a numeric result)

Prices starting from

$ 139 + GST

Per room, minimum of 4 rooms


Suitable for detecting contamination

quantity and location

Clearance Test

(Post decontamination and remediation testing)

Prices starting from

$ 169 + GST

Suitable for confirming successful decontamination

and remediation