From regular meth testing to contaminated land and asbestos surveys, our team has the experience and means to assist you with all your environmental concerns.


Screening Assessment

Studio or 1 bedroom $189 + GST
2 - 3 bedrooms $269 + GST
4 - 5 bedrooms $299 + GST
6+ bedrooms Contact us


Our Screening Assessment is an affordable way to determine whether methamphetamine or pre-cursor chemicals are present in your rental property, prospective home, vehicle, boat or caravan. We’ll determine if methamphetamine–related behaviour has occurred, the level of methamphetamine, issue a comprehensive report and guide you on the next steps. In case your methamphetamine screening assessment is above 1.5ug, we will talk to you through our Detailed Assessment. If your screening assessment is below 1.5ug, your property is considered liveable.

Our Environmental Management Program is ideal for managing properties, and provides scheduled 3, 6 or 12 monthly methamphetamine screening tests, ongoing support and comprehensive reporting. Find out more

Detailed Assessment

1-5 samples $169 + GST per sample
6 or more samples $139 + GST per sample

Includes the in-field sampling and assessment, laboratory analysis and a comprehensive report.


If your screening assessment was positive or methamphetamine or pre-cursor chemicals were detected, we’ll recommend a Detailed Assessment. This enables us to identify the magnitude and extent of contamination, plus allows the decontamination contractor to give you an accurate quote. If there is evidence of soil contamination on the property, our consultants will undertake a detailed Site Assessment to comply with Ministry for the Environment guidelines and advise you on the next steps. Find out more

Post-Decontamination Assessment

1-5 samples $169 + GST per sample
6 or more samples $139 + GST per sample

Includes the in-field sampling and assessment, laboratory analysis and a comprehensive report.


When you need to know whether the decontamination or remediation has been successful, our Post-Decontamination Assessment will be required in accordance with the New Zealand Standard for the testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties (NZS8510:2017). Once samples are found to be below the applicable standards, we prepare a post-decontamination report and a Clearance Certificate can be issued by the decontamination contractor, giving property owners assurance that the decontamination process has been effective. Find out more

Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Analysis
Per sample $110 + GST


Asbestos Survey (full demolition or management survey)
$550 + GST (plus cost of samples)

Includes field sampling <1.5hr on-site, and comprehensive reporting. If more time is required this will be charged as agreed.


If you’re a person demolishing, renovating or fitting out a building built before 1 January 2000, you will need to have an asbestos survey completed. We safely conduct pre-demolition surveys, asbestos management surveys, contaminated land and general asbestos sampling and analysis within soil.

One of our consultants will visit the site to conduct the required survey, or you can provide us with a double-bagged sample of the suspected asbestos–containing material and we submit this on your behalf.

Asbestos Surveys enable us to identify the exact location, type, extent and condition of asbestos in your home or workplace. Asbestos Management Surveys and Plans provide business owners and landlords with crucial information on managing asbestos identified on the property including the amount, type and condition of asbestos material. Asbestos Management Surveys are an effective way of meeting your legal obligations as a business or property owner and ensures your tenants are kept safe in terms of asbestos exposure.  Find out more

Education and Training

Education and training, 1hr $199 + GST
Includes handout sheets, power point presentation and time for Q&A.



Do your employees come into contact with asbestos or enter properties that may contain methamphetamine residues? Our Education & Training program provides your staff with critical information around environmental contaminants of concern. We’ll teach your team about emergency procedures, how to identify asbestos materials, and how to manage a team venturing into unknown buildings. Our trainers come to your office to give your staff the resources, knowledge to perform the job safely and efficiently. Find out more