Hot topic, Meth Testing – Do’s and Don’ts of the industry.

Buying a home or investment property will likely be the most expensive purchase you may ever make. Considering Auckland house prices are now averaging the $1M mark, the cost of a simple methamphetamine (meth) test, is a small price to pay to avoid purchasing a meth-impacted home, protecting your investment and potentially saving you thousands of dollars in remediation costs! Living in a meth-impacted home may also have serious health implications for you and your children.

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Sophie MorrisonMeth Testing
Asbestos - The silent killer

By April 2018, all residential and commercial buildings constructed before January 1, 2000 scheduled to undergo demolition or renovation must have an Asbestos Survey completed by an Asbestos Surveyor. This is to ensure asbestos-containing materials (ACM) can be properly disposed of during demolition, and to avoid materials posing a health risk to site contractors and future owners or tenants. So why is asbestos so harmful to your health?

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Sophie Morrison